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Why do you use a spay-on radiant barrier?

A spray on radiant barrier is a unique attic paint that reflects radiant heat. It has great advantages over previous types of radiant barriers, including better coverage. It is sprayed over all nail punctures in a uniform manner so there are no holes or gaps. It is not a vapor barrier so it will not contribute to mold. It does not block antenna and mobile phone reception.

How Does It Work?

Radiant heat is generated by many of the things around us. In summer, the sun is the primary source of radiant energy. It heats the exterior of your home and this heat eventually is conducted into the interior. In this case, the spray on barrier helps keep your home cool by reflecting back the suns energy and preventing heat build up in your attic. Conversely, in winter, your house tends to lose heat by the way of the attic. Radiant Barrier helps to keep your home warm by reducing loss of heat from the inside. Thus lowering your need to constantly use energy for the heater.

Won't My Homes Insulation Do The Same Thing?

No, insulation, though important, does not prevent heat transfers as radiant barrier does.

Does This Spray Have An Odor?

Since it is paint, as it is drying it will emit minimal odor but it dissipates as it dries

How Long Does This Product Last?

Radiant Barrier has the durability of a premium latex paint. The product is periodically tested and its effectiveness has yet to diminish in favorable conditions.

How Many Coats Are Required?

Just one is sufficient.

Keep your house cooler in the summer!

lower your electric bill & increase the value/marketability of your home!